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Her creations are causing ripples in the previously calm waters of Georgian cuisine

Tekuna Gachechiladze

The godmother of Georgia’s culinary revolution, Tekuna Gachechiladze has spent the past decade turning her country’s traditional cuisine on its head with startling new flavours and a flair for creative presentation. Putting a new twist on the country’s oldest dishes, Tekuna’s signature culinary style is causing ripples in the previously calm waters of Georgian cuisine.
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Khasheria brings the tastes of traditional Georgian cuisine from the streets of Old Tbilisi to the height of 2,196 metres. We’re quite literally taking Georgian cuisine to the next level! Prepare yourself to experience a fusion of classic Georgian flavors with modern flair. Warm yourself after a day out on the slopes with a selection of delicious, hearty dishes sure to amaze. From old favorites to our popular Spicy Kashi, there is no better contrast to the alpine climate than a meal at Khasheria.
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Breakfast 08:30-11:30
Lunch & Dinner 13:00 - 00:00



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